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SL No Date of Issue Opening Date Number Details Department Circle UNIT/SSA
1 3015-11-11 2016-11-15 28/16-17/TCD/GYA/GAYA Urgent Misc. civil work and repairing of staff’s qtr. and T.E. bldg at Daudnagar (SA-Gaya) Civil Works Bihar GAYA
2 2108-12-08 2018-12-29 GMTD/NT/PLG/NOFN/OFC/O&M/ZONEA/2018-19 E-Tender for CAMC of Optical Fiber cable for NOFN blocks ZONE A in Nainital SSA. Cables Uttaranchal UTTRANCHAL TELECOM CIRCLE OFFICE
3 2107-08-18 2017-08-26 31/BSNL/EE(C)/CTOP/17-18 Comprehensive day-to-day civil maintenance and repairs of administrative, technical and residential buildings in jurisdiction of BSNL Civil Sub-Division, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi upto 31st March 2018>> Tehder shall be submitted through e-Tendering mode through ITI Ltd Civil Works NTR NTR CIVIL
4 2106-08-21 2016-09-13 X-1/Plg/GMTD/HLW/Tender/AMCof EAs/Zone-II/2016-17/1 AMC of Engine Alternators in Zone-II of Nainital SSA Electrical Works Uttaranchal NAINITAL
5 2105-10-26 2015-10-28 12/CEE/TNEZ/CH/15-16 Providing Comprehensive Maintenance of E/A sets and AFD systems in Various Exchanges / IMPCS sites under Coonoor SSA.(For a period of 24 Months)2 Electrical Works TAMILNADU COIMBATORE
6 2105-09-24 2015-10-03 86/EE(C)/CD-I/2015-16 AR and MO to BSNL staff quarters at Vivek Vihar, Delhi SH Repairs to damaged plaster, Replacement of damaged wooden Shutters and misc civil works in various quarters Civil Works NTR NTR CIVIL
7 2104-10-01 2014-10-17 32/ED-III/BSNL/ND/2014-15 SITC of 2x3 TR Ductable Split type AC units for Power/Battery rooms at IPSTAR, Setallite Earth Station, Sikandrabad, U.P. Electrical Works NTR NTR ELECT DIV 3
8 2019-01-28 2019-01-29 26/18-19/TCD/GYA/Gaya A/R and M/O and other misc.civil work of QTR. NO. 1 old T-III staff qtr. in T.E. campus at Nawada, ( SSA-Gaya) Civil Works Bihar GAYA
9 2019-01-25 2019-01-25 77/EEE/ BSNL/ ED / MA / 2018-19 Providing Essential electrical and Earthing works at Sakkimangalam BTS site. (Revised) Electrical Works TAMILNADU MADURAI
10 2019-01-21 2019-02-02 NIT No: 14/ SDE(E) BSNL ESD / KMB / 2018 - 19 Providing Electrical works for Newly proposed Telephone Exchange IAF Station, Thanjavur. (SW: Shifting of 20 KVA EA set from Thirunelveli SSA). Electrical Works TAMILNADU THANJAVUR